Lung Wah Hotel was found in 1951. It was the first hotel opened in Shatin during the postwar period. Initially it was a 2 storey high building where the first floor was the dining area and reception, second floor was the hotel rooms. There were 7 suites with bed, closet and chairs. Even though the rooms were equipped with bathrooms, no hot water supplied so the guests would have to ask for boiled hot water from staff if needed. Moreover, there were no air-conditioners systems but old style electric fans in the rooms. There were also a room for storage and one for sound recording.

The rate was HKD$50-$60 per day which was quite expensive at the time. But it was worth it. With a joyous scene, the hotel’s surroundings were also peaceful and beautiful. These advantages attracted people like celebrities or Chinese opera singers. Reportedly, Hong Xian Nu, Ren Jianhui and Fang Yan Fen were the regular customers of Lung Wah Hotel. Famous Chinese novelist Jinyong also finished couple of his novels while staying in the Hotel. What is more, Bruce Lee also stayed in this Hotel while filming the movie "The Big Boss". The recording room in Lung Wah Hotel was also produced the song "Chan Ruan Zhong Sheng" which sang by Cheung Kam Cheung.

Unfortunately, the hotel has to close in 1985 due to the government’s city development in Shatin. With the road work in Tai Po Road and the rail construction for the KCR, Lung Wah Hotel’s car park has to disassemble. It was very inconvenience for customers with cars. Gradually, the place has lost its attraction with the rapid city development.

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